We are sure that you have seen the billboard signs">


We are sure that you have seen the billboard signs, posters and radio ads
asking Americans to be aware of suspicious activity that may be related to
terrorist activities. The basic slogan for this program is "See Something - Say
The United States Goast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary have been tasked
by the Department of Homeland Security with reaching out to groups of
persons who live near navigable waterways (like the Connecticut River) with
this program.
We have available a half-hour video and PowerPoint program which we would
like to present to your organization at one of its meetings covering waterways
and terrorist activities.
We need your help! Please feel free to call me at 860-690-7676 or e-mail at
wfuincent@cox.net to set up a presentation.
Thank you!
William Vincent, USCGAUX
Staff Officer for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
Division 9 (Western Mass)

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